Our Applications


Cases studies

Carrefour, Metro supermarkets in Italy, TESCO, Sainsbury in UK,  Copeland Europe & Bitzer compressor manufacturers.
– Saved 10-30% in pilot on 6 hypermarkets.

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Johnson Control industrial contractor in Spain/Sweden/UK
– Correct problems and improve efficiency in large industrial ammonia plant.

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– A total saving of 91M kWh per year was achieved through different measures of which HVAC analysis system was one of them.

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Banner Thunderbird campus
– A saving of around $64,000.00 per year was achieved by analyzing chillers’ central plant and applying corrective Maintenance such as Low chiller refrigerant replacement, Evaporator tube fouling, increased chiller condenser water flow.

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Suitable Buildings

  • Hotels. 
  • Hospitals. 
  • Office Buildings.
  • Factories (Foods, pharmaceutical, Plastic, etc. ).
  • Schools, Universities and Colleges.
  • Large Shopping Malls.
  • Multi-residential Buildings (Central Air Conditioning).
  • Public Buildings (Library, Theatres, Malls, etc.). 
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